About O3 Technology

The science behind BoxO3.

Not familiar with Ozone technology? No problem, most people haven’t heard about O3, but might be surprised to learn it is used to clean lots of stuff — including the water they drink.


Here’s the scoop:

Ozone (aka trioxygen) is an inorganic molecule with the chemical formula O3, meaning it has 3 oxygen atoms. It’s a powerful oxidant — far more so than dioxygen (O2), which is what we breathe. O3 has many industrial and consumer applications.

Ozone generators were developed as early as 1857. Ozone is used SAFELY in a variety of industries as an oxidizer and sterilizer. It is used to clean indoor air and purify water. Ozone is used to effectively disinfect drinking water, deodorize air and objects, and kill germs on food and surfaces. It is used to sanitize swimming pools and spas; clean air in industrial plants and retail stores. It’s also used in pest control and to treat industrial waste. 

O3 has many wondrous benefits indeed, but it is NOT safe to breathe in high concentrations. It must be destroyed and converted back to fresh air after it works its magic. This is why BoxO3 is ideal for disinfecting parcels and other inanimate objects. It’s not used indoors. It is used outside, on your doorstep, or in your breezeway or other spaces not being occupied. BoxO3 can not be opened until the disinfecting cycle is complete and the O3 has been converted to O2. The disinfecting cycle only takes a few minutes.

Simply put, ozone is one of the most scientifically-proven ways to disinfect items and BoxO3 is designed to do it efficiently and SAFELY. Best of all, BoxO3 is affordable and built to last for years! 

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